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Westlands School

Mathematics Aptitude Exam Information

Westlands School: Welcome

Key Information

Address: Westlands School, Westlands Avenue, Sittingbourne, Kent ME10 1PF 

County: Kent

School Website: 

School Type: Coeducational

Number of Pupils: 1789

Number of Places in Year 7: 285

Open Day Date: Contact School

Exam Date: September

Exam Board Type: Sch

Westlands School: About
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About Westlands School

Westlands School is a member of The Swale Academy Trust. It is a larger than average-sized non-selective secondary school.  The school has a special facility for pupils who have physical and another for dyslexia. 

In the school’s most recent Ofsted inspection (February 2019), they were judged ‘Good’. Teaching and behaviour is good at Westlands School and the students here make good progress. 

The school offers a range of academic, practical, creative and vocational subjects. The school boasts excellent facilities, providing students with a conducive learning environment. Modern classrooms equipped with state-of-the-art technology support engaging and interactive learning experiences.

Beyond academics, the school offers a diverse range of extracurricular clubs and activities. Students can participate in clubs such as French, badminton, STEM, dance, 3D printing and Latin. The school also offers a range of leadership opportunities for pupils to enjoy. For instance, they can become prefects and student mentors.

Westlands School: About

Mathematics Aptitude Test

Westlands School is a non-selective school and children will not need to sit the Kent 11+ to be considered for entry to this school. However, parents can make a separate application to Westlands School if they would like to apply for admission based on their child’s aptitude in mathematics. Application forms for admission by aptitude are available from the Headteacher and should be returned to the school when completed. The mathematics aptitude test is taken after the “Common Application Form” has been lodged with the Local Authority (LA).

Westlands School: Text

Kent Grammar Schools

Every school has its own oversubscription criteria that it uses to decide which children can be offered a place at their school.

Westlands School Oversubscription Criteria

Before the application of oversubscription criteria, children with a statement of special educational need which names the school will be admitted.

Places will be allocated in the following priority order:

  1. After Children and previously Looked After Children

  2. Priority will be given to those children whose mental or physical impairment means they have a demonstrable and significant need to attend Weald of Kent. Equally this priority will apply to children whose parents’/guardians’, physical or mental health or social needs means there is a demonstrable and significant need for their child to attend Weald of Kent. 

  3. Children who score highest on the school’s test of aptitude in mathematics (a maximum of 10% of planned intake)

  4. A sister or brother attending the school at the time the child starts. 

  5. Pupils in year 6 who attend Westlands Primary School and Regis Manor Primary School.

  6. Residence in the parishes of Bobbing, Borden, Bredgar, Hartlip, Iwade, Lower Halstow, Newington, Stockbury, Tunstall, Upchurch.

  7. Proximity of the child’s permanent home address to the school

Westlands School: Text
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