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English | Get Your Kids Writing At Home

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

At Tech Tutors, we have come up with hints and tips to get your kids writing at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Inspiration for writing

Children need a stimulus for writing. This could be for a real life experience, a picture, a book or film clip. Visit the Literacy Shed for lots of free resources to get your children excited about writing.

Talk before writing

Like running before you can walk, the same goes for writing before you can talk. It is important that children verbalise their ideas and sentences before recording them. Encourage your child to talk in sentences as this will help them to punctuate their writing later. Model using a writers voice with your children by verbalising your thought process. This will encourage children to improve their word choices rather than going with their first idea.

Use electronic devices

If your child is a reluctant writer, try getting them to type! This is a particularly powerful tool for children who struggle with fine motor skills or spelling. It can give them the confidence to write without fear. Writing is legible, text can be edited and moved about so much easier and there are helpful spelling and grammar tools too. Enter writing competitions If children can see a purpose to their writing, then they are more inclined to create a high quality piece of work. Try entering your child in a writing competitions where they are giving out prizes such as: Writing East Midlands, Author of Tomorrow and HG Wells Short Story Competition.

Quality Online Tuition from Tech Tutors | Lessons in English, Maths, Science and Economics


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