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Private Tuition | How do I know Tuition is Working?

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

At Tech Tutors, we recommend that you sit down with your child before you start looking for a tutor to find out what it is they need help with. Together decide upon a clear goal of what they want to achieve from tuition. This could be a goal to increase their confidence or to improve their grades or performance in exams. By having a clear goal, it will make it much easier to measure their progress. However, please remember to be realistic when setting these goals.

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Once you’ve started working with a tutor, there are a few ways to measure the impact of your child's tuition:

  • Talk with your child to see if they are finding the sessions useful

  • Look at their attitude towards the subject, has it become more positive?

  • Discuss your child’s progress with their tutor

  • Check whether your child’s test scores at school are improving

  • Ask your child’s teacher at school if they’ve noticed an improvement in their confidence/grades.

Remember, tuition is most beneficial when the student puts work in outside of the lesson to ensure they have practised and revised any topics covered with their tutor. You may not see overnight results, but over time their progress will become clear. When tuition works well, you should see a boost in your child’s confidence and their grades too and in turn they will begin to engage more with their lessons more at school.


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