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11+ Entrance Exams | What to Expect from the GL Non Verbal Reasoning Digital Exam

What are the timings of the exam?

The total time allocated for this test is 40 minutes to allow 15 minutes for practice questions and 25 minutes for the main test.

What do the Non Verbal Reasoning tests comprise?

The exam tests a pupils’ ability to recognise similarities, analogies and patterns of unfamiliar designs. These reasoning processes are widely accepted as being fundamental to a pupils’ ability to understand and learn new information.

What is the purpose of this test?

Scores on this test will give an indication of how easily a pupil will acquire new concepts and master new material in a wide range of school subjects. By using pictures and symbols, their reasoning processes can be assessed independently to their language skills.

What type of questions should I expect to see?

The test contains the two following types of questions:

Classification questions: These questions assess the ability to see similarities. Pupils have to find another member of a set.

Series, matrix and analogy questions: These questions assess a variety of non-verbal reasoning processes to varying degrees. Pupils have to see similarities between different figures within a design and then identify patterns or analogies between different areas of the design, to find the missing pieces. The questions are presented in a number of different styles:

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