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11+ Entrance Exams | How to get a Scholarship to an Independent School

What is the difference between a scholarship and a bursary?

Traditionally scholarships have been awarded to children based on their ability and performance. Scholarships can be anything between 100% fees and fall as low as a £60 payment.

Bursaries are normally allocated on a needs basis alone. There will be a full financial examination of family circumstances and if income and assets fall below a certain level then some schools offer assistance with fees.

What is the Independent School scholarship process?

Most Independent Schools which have an intake at 11+ do not operate a separate process for potential academic scholars. Students will simply be expected to do even better than others in the tests, have an impressive report and will certainly have to deliver an impressive interview. Students will normally told of their award at the same time as others are told if they have a place or not.

At Tech Tutors, we have designed a series of practice books and tests specifically aimed at students who are attempting to gain a scholarship. The questions in these books are designed to be harder and test your child's logic and reasoning. Click here to purchase your copy.

Are awards generally kept once given?

More often than not scholarships are awarded on the basis of on-going performance. However, schools will not remove awards without warning. If your child receives a scholarship, they will be expected to work hard and keep their performance levels up.

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