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11+ Entrance Exams | 21 Question Types in the GL Verbal Reasoning Test

The GL 11 Plus Verbal Reasoning exam is viewed as a traditional Verbal Reasoning test. The GL 11 Plus exam focuses on the 21 different Verbal Reasoning question types (plus variants). Whilst there are no changes to question types year to year, new questions are frequently added to GL’s bank of questions. It is important to note that not every type of question will appear in every paper.

If your child is sitting the GL exam in verbal reasoning, we strongly recommend that your child becomes familiar with each of the different question types. In order to score highly in this exam, your child needs to develop a broad vocabulary.

We have listed the 21 different question types you may find in the GL Verbal Reasoning exam. We strongly recommend that your child practices each of the different question types. Our 11+ Verbal Reasoning Practice Book is perfect for learning each of the different question types. With over 200 questions, your child will develop their confidence and familiarity with the GL question types. Click here to get your copy.

GL Verbal Reasoning 21 question types:

  • TYPE 1: Insert a Letter (IPS Type A)

  • TYPE 2: Two Odd Ones Out (IPS Type B)

  • TYPE 3: Related Words (IPS Type C)

  • TYPE 4: Closest Meaning (IPS Type D)

  • TYPE 5: Hidden Word (IPS Type E)

  • TYPE 6: Missing Word (IPS Type F)

  • TYPE 7: Letters for Numbers (IPS Type G)

  • TYPE 8: Move a Letter (IPS Type J)

  • TYPE 9: Letter Series (IPS Type L)

  • TYPE 10: Word Connections (IPS Type M)

  • TYPE 11: Number Series (IPS Type P)

  • TYPE 12: Compound Words (IPS Type Q)

  • TYPE 13: Make a Word (IPS Type R)

  • TYPE 14: Letter Connections (IPS Type U)

  • TYPE 15: Reading Information (IPS Type Z)

  • TYPE 16: Opposite Meaning (IPS Type H)

  • TYPE 17: Complete the Sum (IPS Type I)

  • TYPE 18: Related Numbers (IPS Type K)

  • TYPE 19: Word-Number Codes (IPS Type N)

  • TYPE 20: Complete the Word (IPS Type O)

  • TYPE 21: Same Meaning (IPS Type S)

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