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11+ Entrance Exams | 11+ CEM Verbal Reasoning Exam

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

What does CEM 11+ Verbal Reasoning test?

The CEM Verbal Reasoning exam is a test of your child's English skills.

What types of questions are on CEM 11+ Verbal Reasoning?

  • A standard comprehension exercise

  • A CLOZE comprehension (a piece of text with missing letters to be filled in, or one word from three or four to be chosen as correct)

  • A jumbled sentence exercise (putting words in the right order)

  • An opposites/synonyms section

  • A vocabulary test

How can you help your child to prepare for CEM 11+ Verbal Reasoning?

We recommend that your child completes a number of 11+ Verbal Reasoning papers. It is difficult to predict what will appear on a CEM exam so it is important to have exposure to lots of different test questions and topics. You can purchase our 11+ Verbal Reasoning papers here.

To be successful in this area of the exam, it is important that your child develops a broad vocabulary. We recommend that students looking to sit the 11+ exam begin preparing when they are in year 4 or 5. At Tech Tutors, our experienced teachers help your child prepare for their upcoming exams. Contact us today to see how we can help you.

How will my child be tested?

As you may be aware, CEM have 2 exam papers. Each exam contains a mixture of topics. Specific timings are allocated to each subject.



11+ CEM Verbal Reasoning: Practice Book

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