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11+ Entrance Exam | Everything you need to know about the GL 11+ Maths Exam

Is your child sitting the GL 11+ Maths exam? Find out everything you need to know from our expert tutors.

What will be covered in the GL 11+ Maths exam?

The 11+ mathematics tests assess mathematics in line with the new National Curriculum and covers a variety of curriculum areas taught in schools up to Year 6. Some questions involve using current mathematical skills to solve new kinds of mathematical problems.

The 11+ maths tests cover the following topics:

  • Number fluency: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division

  • Number: fractions, decimals, prime numbers, prime factors, highest common factor and lowest common multiple, percentages

  • Measurement: money, time, metric system, perimeter and area, distance, speed and time, volume of cubes and cuboids

  • Statistics: averages, simple ratio, column graphs, pie charts, co-ordinates

  • Patterns and algebra

  • Geometry: angle calculations, reflection and rotation, nets of shapes

  • Probability

What is the structure of the GL 11+ Maths exam?

A typical paper contains 50 questions with a time limit of 50 minutes. These tests are often multiple choice.

How do you record your answers in the GL 11+ Maths exam?

Your child should mark their answers on the separate answer sheet provided. The exam will be marked by a computer. Students should mark their answers in the appropriate box by drawing a clear line through it with a pencil. Mistakes should be rubbed out carefully, not crossed out.

How do you prepare for the GL 11+ Maths exam?

It is important that your child has a full and deep understanding of the entire KS2 curriculum. We recommend that you begin preparing for the 11+ exams in year 4 or 5. Tutoring can help build up the basics and progress to more complex units. Closer to the exam, our tutors ensure that students have ample exam practice so they can achieve the best possible results. Contact us today to find out how we can support your child on their journey.

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