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11+ Kent & Buckinghamshire Online Mock Exams

GL: Maths, English, Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning & Spatial Reasoning

16th August 2023 (9am)

  • Suitable for Kent and Buckinghamshire Applicants

  • 2 Full Length Papers 

  • Realistic Timings 

  • Exam Papers Delivered and Invigilated Online

  • Detailed Exam Report 

Price: £100

Limited Spaces

11+ Kent & Bucks Online Mock Exams: Services

What is the agenda for the 11+ Exam?

There are two multiple choice tests:

  • Test Paper 1 is a Maths and English test which takes 1 hour. This test is split into two Sections (Section 1,  Maths and Section 2,  English). Each Section comprises a 5 minute timed practice, followed by 25 minutes of timed test questions. The English Section of the test includes comprehension, cloze and technical English (proof reading) questions and the Maths Section, questions from the Key Stage 2 Maths syllabus (including challenging problem solving questions).

  • Test paper 2 is a reasoning test which also lasts 1 hour and comprises verbal reasoning (5 minutes of practice questions and 25 minutes of test questions) and non-verbal reasoning.  The non-verbal reasoning (NVR) is divided into several short timed Sections, with each short Section containing a different type of NVR question (prior to each Section there is a very short timed practice of that type of NVR question).  The NVR section will also include spatial reasoning questions. 

11+ Kent & Bucks Online Mock Exams: Text

How to Book

1. Use the link to secure your child's place. 

2. A week before the exam takes place, you will be sent paper copies of the exam questions and answer papers. Keep these sealed until the morning of the exam. 

3. After the exam, scan your child's answers sheet and send back to us for marking. 

4. You will receive detailed feedback and scores within a week of taking the exam. 

11+ Kent & Bucks Online Mock Exams: Text

Who is this 11+ mock exam suitable for?

This mock is designed for applicants applying to the following schools:


  • Barton Court Grammar School  

  • Oakwood park Grammar School

  • Borden Grammar School    

  • Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School

  • Chatham House Grammar School  

  • Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys

  • Clarendon House Grammar School  

  • Simon Langton Girls’ Grammar School

  • Dane Court Grammar School    

  • Sir Roger Manwood’s School

  • Dartford Grammar School for Girls  

  • The Folkestone School for Girls

  • Dartford Grammar School    

  • The Harvey Grammar School

  • Dover Grammar School for Boys    

  • The Judd School

  • Dover Grammar School for Girls  

  • The Norton Knatchbull School

  • Gravesend Grammar School    

  • The Skinner’s School

  • Highsted Grammar School  

  • Tonbridge School

  • Highworth Grammar School  

  • Tunbridge Wells Girl’s Grammar School

  • Invicta Grammar School  

  • Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys

  • Maidstone Grammar School for Girls  

  • Weald of Kent Grammar School

  • Maidstone Grammar School  

  • Wilmington Grammar School for Boys

  • Mayfield Grammar School  

  • Wilmington Grammar School for Girls


  • Aylesbury Grammar School (Boys)

  • Aylesbury High School (Girls)

  • Beaconsfield High School (Girls)

  • Burnham Grammar School

  • Chesham Grammar School

  • Dr. Challoner’s Grammar School (Boys)

  • Dr. Challoner’s High School (Girls)

  • John Hampden Grammar School (Boys)

  • Royal Grammar School (Boys)

  • Royal Latin Grammar School

  • Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School

  • Sir William Borlase Grammar School

  • Wycombe High School (Girls)

11+ Kent & Bucks Online Mock Exams: Text
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