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11+ ISEB Online Mock Exams

Maths & English

20th August 2023 (9am)

  • Suitable for ISEB Applicants

  • 3 Full Length Papers in English & Maths

  • Realistic Timings 

  • Exam Papers Delivered and Invigilated Online

  • Detailed Exam Report 

Price: £100

Limited Spaces

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What is the agenda for the ISEB 11+ Exam?


25 marks (45 minutes)

The paper will usually contain one extract, followed by one set of questions. Marks for each question will be shown in brackets to assist candidates with time allocation. A maximum of 10 marks will be allotted for simple comprehension and 17 marks for deeper understanding and open-ended interpretation of aspects of the text. The rubric will ask candidates to use their own words, write in full sentences and take care with handwriting, spelling and punctuation.


25 marks (45 minutes)

The paper will contain a choice of subjects from which candidates select one on which to base a piece of original written work. They will be expected to demonstrate the full range of their writing ability. Their planning sheet will not be sent to the senior school. Marks will cover content, purpose, style, organisation (so a story would have a beginning, middle and end; a debate would look at both sides of the question and draw a conclusion; the content of a letter would suit the purpose and cover the areas requested by the paper, and so on), as well as quality and breadth of language. Senior schools will have the option of allotting a further 10 marks: up to 5 marks for the standard of spelling and a further 5 marks for the syntax/punctuation used throughout the paper. The purpose of these extra 10 marks is to ensure that the accuracy of a candidate’s script is assessed separately from the content.


(60 minutes)

Candidates will be required to work one paper of 60 minutes’ duration. All candidates should answer as many questions as possible. Whilst candidates should be familiar with the use of calculators, calculating aids may not be used in the examination.

11+ ISEB Mock Exams: Text

How to Book

1. Use the link to secure your child's place. 

2. A week before the exam takes place, you will be sent paper copies of the exam questions and answer papers. Keep these sealed until the morning of the exam. 

3. After the exam, scan your child's answers sheet and send back to us for marking. 

4. You will receive detailed feedback and scores within a week of taking the exam. 

11+ ISEB Mock Exams: Text

Who is the ISEB 11+ mock exam suitable for?

This mock is designed for applicants applying to the following schools:

Benenden School 

Downe House School 

Queen Anne's School

Queenswood School 

Sherborne Girls School 

St Mary's School

St Swithun's School

Westonbirt School

Woldingham School 

Wycombe Abbey School

11+ ISEB Mock Exams: Text

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